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Over the year, UBR achieved a lot of milestones in different fields. These achievements are not all quantitative, but qalitative too. Some of the achievements, which makes it stand apart are given here.

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Nearly 2.6 million young people in and out of schools received SRHR education and around 2 million young people received youth-friendly SRH services through UBR health facilities among whom 1766 are from gender-diverse group.

Young people have become well aware of rights violation and started preventing and taking steps against child marriage, SGBV in the community as Youth Volunteers. They have achieved the ability to take a leadership role to a great extent in preventing the marriage of their peers with the support from UBR program team as well as local government institutes or any sexual harassment like eve teasing by boys or sexually assault by friends or family members.

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A total of 55,000 young people received counselling through school and UBR health facilities among whom 7,300 are gender-based violence survivors (Annual Report 2018).

YFS Corners have been established in 12 upazila Health Complexes and 9 Union Health Complexes. Client flow was significantly increased in the YFS Clinics and school health camps helped to increase the flow of YFS recipient in the health clinics.

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A total of 680 of teachers trained on ‘Me & My World (MMW)’ by the project performed better and able to create the learning environment on CSE for the students. Teachers achieved their capability to facilitate the class on the sensitive issue as well as additional information to motivate and aware the students to make the session effective. Madrasah teachers were enthusiastic and more regular in MMW session and followed guidelines in NCTB sessions.

0 % Parents

It has been observed that nearly 70% of Parents in 12 upazillas are motivated and understand the impact of learning of CSE for their children.

Almost all staff members (counsellor, paramedics, and trainers) were well trained and skilled to provide YFS among adolescents and youths.

A number of schools allowed necessary space/one room/library for organizing the youth corner willingly. Youth corners in some schools and government health centers have started supplying logistics to those schools.

UBR trained counsellor provided service to the adolescents on psychosocial counselling at government health complexes for two days in a week.

Young people have gained capability and became empowered by receiving life skills education on how to raise their voices against SGBV and meanwhile, they help prevented several cases of sexual violence against adolescent girls.

A good number (20 X 12 = 240) of trained and graduated Youth Volunteers are the indicators of program output and a vehicle for the continuation of such practices as change agent. It is to be mentioned that Youth Forum constitutes of 20 Youth Organizers (volunteers) per upazila that had been developed and capacitated under UBR 2 Project. It is expected that the Youth Forum members trained, refreshed and experienced in SRH will take part in undertaking advocacy from local to national level. They will work as Change Makers of their community by organizing parents meeting, linking with LGIs, GBV Committee and link with Management of Community Clinics (CG and CSG).

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