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Bangladesh society is conservative, concerning gender inequality. Talking about reproductive health or sexuality is embarrassing for most people. A culture of silence exists in Bangladesh – both at home and at the policy level — that inhibits open discussion regarding sexuality and sexual reproductive health and rights (SRHR) issues. In order to prepare adolescents & young people for a healthy sexual life and for healthy relationship, they should be provided with accurate information for greater awareness and clarification for any misperceptions.

Worldwide, it is highly recommended to adopt comprehensive sexuality education (CSE) to address increasing gender violence and gender inequality in the society. Today, it is no longer relevant to defend the need for SRHR for adolescent and youth but it is more relevant on how we can incorporate SRHR to guide our adolescent and youth to help them transform into a modern and responsible human being/citizens, aware of one’s role, accountabilities and rights to act responsibly towards oneself and to the society.

In order to realize such goals, The Unite for Body Rights (UBR) Programme was launched, supported by Dutch SRHR (Sexual & Reproductive Health Rights) Alliance along with the Embassy of the Kingdom of Netherlands. The Dutch SRHR alliance is working with partner organizations in 9 countries of Asia and Africa. In Bangladesh, the UBR program has completed its first phase from 2011 to 2015. The second phase has been started from 2016 and will be continued till December 2020 in 12 upazilas of Pabna, Mymensingh, Noakhali, Gazipur, Netrokona, Sunamganj, Rangamati District and some ward of Chittagong City Corporation with the financial assistance of the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands (EKN).

The UBR programme is working towards realizing an enabling environment in which each individual can exercise his/her sexual and reproductive rights. Access to services and education, supportive laws and legislation, and increased acceptance of sexuality and sexual rights of all people are the building blocks of such enabling environment.

Strategic Objectives

1Increased utilization of comprehensive SRHR services, targeted at youth and poor people

2Increased awareness on comprehensive sexuality education (CSE)

3Reduction of Sexual and Gender Based Violence

4Increased acceptance of sexual diversity and gender identity

Target Groups of the Program

The primary target group of the Unite for Body Right programme is in and out of school young people aged 10 to 19, living in poor urban, semi urban and rural communities.

Other important target groups of the programme are the people that are in the day-to-day environment of young people, most importantly: their parents, teachers, headmasters, health-workers, youth organizers and community leaders. Last but not least, government officials at health and education institutes, policy-makers at higher Governmental levels and journalists are also included in the target group as crucial partners.

Project Specific Outcomes

1Young people (10 – 24 year) living in rural and (semi) urban areas in 12 upazilas are increasingly aware of their SRH rights and have knowledge and skills to make informed decisions regarding their sexual reproductive health

2Young people (10 – 24) living in poor rural and (semi)urban areas in 12 upazilas have access to SRHR services that adhere to the national standards

3In 12 upazilas there is an SRHR friendly supportive enabling environment ensures sustainability of access to youth friendly services and comprehensive sexuality education in communities

4Contribute to the development of (national) governmental policies and programs that include youth-friendly SRH education and services.

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